Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thoughts on "Duck Dynasty" drama...

Social media is crammed with stories and posts about the Duck Dynasty controversy. Many of my brothers and sisters in the faith are very upset with the A & E network for their suspension of Phil Robertson. Robertson was suspended from the show (basically fired) for expressing his opinion of sodomy in GQ magazine. I fully agree that Robertson has the right to express his belief in the Word of God and what it says of the sin of sodomy. I also understand that is A&E's right to suspend Robertson. It is also every person's right to protest that suspension. In all of this I have seen many well-meaning Christians attempt to lay the ills of the country at the feet of the crowd that is calling for the suspension. There is no doubt that this "tolerance" crowd is completely intolerant of any disagreement with their beliefs. However, the fact that Robertson was suspended points to a bigger issue than liberal bias. The true issues of this country lay completely at the feet of the churches of America. All of the anger towards A&E should really be anger with ourselves. If we had invested the time we spent watching Duck Dynasty into walking down our streets and witnessing to our neighbors, there would be more "like minded" people all across the country. I am not saying that it is a sin to watch this show, but are we putting first things first? Are we getting angry and writing emails of protest? That is fine. Are you knocking on doors and preaching on the streets? If not why not? Unfortunately many are willing to speak up to protest the ill treatment of their favorite tv star, but not willing to speak up to tell a lost soul about the fact that Jesus Christ can save you from your sins. This message is so much more important than any tv show. We all understand the absolutely deplorable condition of this world. What are we going to do about it? Write letters of protest or go and tell some lost sinner about Jesus? One more note here....please understand that the Robertson family does not believe in salvation by grace through faith. They believe that baptism is a part of salvation. This doctrine (called baptismal regeneration) is heresy and it is a perversion of the grace of God. You must fully trust in the shed blood of Christ for your salvation, plus nothing, minus nothing. I am glad that they are using their platform to preach, but let's not direct people to a message that will damn them.

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Todd Bell said...

Absolutely wonderfully written my Brother! Proud of you! Keep up the good writing. I couldn't agree more. Let's stay after souls. Maine needs us!!!

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