Friday, December 3, 2010

Exciting weeks to come!!!

God is so good! I know I don't really have to say that, we all know that, but God truly is so good to me! I don't deserve it, I have done nothing to merit it, but God is sooooo good!
What a great Thanksgiving the Jones family had. It was fantastic to enjoy the day with my family.
This weekend is a busy one at Church Hill Baptist Church. We have the men's prayer breakfast at 7:30 on Saturday morning. Saturday morning soul-winning and visitation is next at 9 am. Saturday night is the annual Christmas Banquet.
Sunday services will be exciting with a few baptisms happening. Praise God for obedient believers following the Lord in believers baptism. At 2pm Sunday afternoon Truth Baptist Church will be holding a baptismal service.
The Choir is singing, the kids are practicing their Christmas program, Ladies ensamble is practicing and singing..... busy times! Ohhhhh how wonderful it is to be busy in the work of the LORD of LORDS and KING of KINGS!

I will be filling in for the next few weeks at Barter's Island Baptist Church. I look forward to preaching the Word of God to these precious folks! Last week I started three sermon series. In Sunday School we are tracing Bible characters to whom God has called out as people close to him. Last week it was "Daniel, a man greatly beloved.". This week it is "Abraham, friend of God". Why have these men been given these titles by God? What is it about their life that stirred God to make these profound declarations?
In the Sunday morning services we are studying our way through the book of Nehemiah. Last week we preached through the entire of chapter 1, setting the stage for the rest of the book and for the "building of the walls". God has slowed me down through chapter two and I see at least seven messages from this chapter alone. Sunday it will be Nehemiah 2:1-2 and Nehemiah's life of praise. This all fits in under the umbrella of rebuilding the walls. I would dare say that we all have some walls that need rebuilding. Perhaps the entire wall has not fallen, but there is some rebuilding that must be done. Maybe there is a relationship that has broken down, maybe some of those high standards have started to deteriorate? (Cut out meddeling I can hear you saying....) My heart is stirred as I think of Barter's Island Baptist Church rebuilding their "walls". Oh, may the LORD give us insight on what walls are fallen down in our own lives.
Sunday nights I began preaching a short series meant to encourage the believer. "Can God" is the title. This week it will be "Can God really meet your needs?" We have a head knowledge that the answer is "yes" but do we really believe it?

It is great to be busy in the LORD's work! My soul is stirred up and I can not wait to see what is around the corner!
Shouting for Jesus!

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