Monday, April 2, 2012

April update

Whhhhheeeewwww, it' been a very busy few weeks since I have updated, but what a great few weeks.
We have had some very powerful services over the last few weeks at Bryant Pond Baptist Church. This Sunday we had good attendance in the morning and evening, with good liberty to preach. I believe that God is helping some folks, I know He is helping me!
Last week was the youth service at Church Hill Baptist. What a blessing to bring my new church family to meet my old church family. They were all very encouraged and blessed by the powerful service. Our young people are not just the church of the future, they are the church of now as well. God has a plan for each and every one of us right now, if we would only get out of the way and let Him work.
We have had some unexpected blessings over the last few weeks as well. I was given a lot of like-new clothes that just happened to fit perfectly. What a blessing that was. I now occupy more of the closet than my wife (smile).
Our church was given a brand new wireless microphone system by another church. This filled a real need that we had.
God has helped us to sell our pickup truck. It was a great truck, but with diesel prices at $4.29/ Gallon (and higher) and high payments, this truck had to go.

Please pray for our upcoming Easter services. While many churches are cutting services short, we are having a Son-rise service at 7:30 followed by breakfast, then Sunday School at 9:15, Morning worship at 10:30, and our evening service at 6pm. We already have some from other churches that will be with us. I gave our church "homework" to each invite one person. Please pray for a full house as the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached.

April is a busy month. Please pray for the Ladies conference on April 13-14 at VBC in Londonderry, NH.
Also, please pray for our revival services with Dr. Ron Caudill from April 22-25. The services on Monday and Tuesday nights start at 6:30 pm.

April 29 is the "youth service" at 4pm at Bryant Pond Baptist Church. We will be hosting Church Hill Baptist Church, Bible Baptist Church of Unity as well as others (that I have not confirmed 100% as of yet).

Please continue to pray for our house to sell. We have lowered the price, but still have not received one call. We need this house to sell. God knows.

I think that is it. Thank you all for your prayers and your encouragement. God is good and He is moving in Maine, and in Bryant Pond right now. Keep praying, amen!

Browns to Montana