Friday, November 18, 2011

Whhhheeeewww Busy Week.....

Well, it's been a very busy week for the Jones family. We had great services on Sunday at BPBC. It was a very sweet spirit in both services. Praise the Lord for the way my new church family is taking us in. What a blessing.
Monday it was the bread route. This is taking extra long every time I go, due to stuffing season being in full swing.
Tuesday it was a day of study, getting ready for Wednesday and Sunday. Tuesday night we had great fellowship with one of the families from Church Hill Baptist. Wednesday morning it was unloading the very big load of Goldfish crackers and cookies, then in the afternoon driving to Bryant Pond for our service on Wednesday night. It was a very good service! How wonderful to have a mid week service!
Thursday it was the bread run again.

Today we started the day with a home school ministry trip to the Joshua Chamberlain house in Brunswick. What a great day of learning we had.

In the afternoon we drove to Bryant Pond to minister to a family that lost their father at 2am today.

This coming Wednesday I will be performing my first funeral. Please pray for the Lord to guide me through this time. I will say that the family has been great. I went seeking to comfort them, they spent the time fellowshipping and telling stories.

Praise God for Calvary and the fact that (the deceased was saved and is with the Lord)if you are saved, it's not goodbye, it's goodnight.

Tomorrow morning, I am going on a "half" run to make emergency deliveries to my stores, then driving back to Bryant Pond for services on Sunday.

I love my life. Praise the Lord for all He is doing! I wouldn't trade this for the entire world!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Great first Sunday at BPBC!!!!

Sorry, no pics today but what a great first Sunday at Bryant Pond Baptist Church. We had a very sweet service in the morning. I taught Sunday School from the book of Ecclesiastes and preached from the book of Acts in the morning service.
In the evening I had my first official meeting with the deacons, Brother Steve and Brother Don (two great men!)
The evening service I preached on thankfulness, a message entitled "You want me to be thankful for them?"
Please continue to pray for us. I need wisdom as we plan for the next months.

God is good and we are excited!!!

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