Monday, June 29, 2009

July 4th is coming......

We had a great day on the Lords day this week! What a blessing it is to serve at Church Hill Baptist! We had a great Sunday school lesson from I Kings 17. God will provide for you if you are answering his call! Amen. Praise HIS name! During the am service it was an old fashion "turn or burn" salvation sermon. If you are unsaved today, your time is running out. Trust Christ as your savior. There is no guarantee that we will have tomorrow. Today is the day of thy salvation!
The lunchtime hour was great fellowship. It was followed by a very moving event. Church Hill Baptist Church prepared 8,000 bottles of Poland Spring water for distribution at the 4th of July parade in Augusta. The bottles have gospel tracts in baggies rubber banded to them. We also included invitations to our Vacation Bible School. What a moving afternoon indeed. Our prayer is that Augusta will partake in the water and read the tract so they can receive the water of life!

What a blessing it is to serve with such a great group of Godly families! We all came together and the Lord blessed our efforts. Please pray for people to be saved as a result of this outreach. If one person trusts Christ as their savior as a result of this, it will all be worth it! Actually, being obedient to the Lord makes it all worth it. We may not know until we reach Glory whether or not the tracts made a difference. We cling to God's promise that His word will not return void. Amen!
Praise the Lord for my church family!!!!

Browns to Montana