Thursday, March 26, 2009

Preparing for Sunday morning (I get to preach again!)

The Lord had given me a message that I am burning to share with my Church family. On Sunday morning I will have the opportunity to preach the Word of God again! I am so thrilled that the Lord has called me to preach and I am praying for his power on my preaching. With an average attendance of over 100 for the "main" service this will be, by far, my largest audience yet. I can't wait to open up the King James Bible and say "Thus sayeth the Word of God!". Please pray for me as I continue my preperations for the message. I "practice preached" and timed my message at 1:04:00. Wow! I wonder if I will actually go over an hour? My introduction was over 20 minutes long. I will be preaching on something very close to my heart, Church Planting. Please pray for me as I will be working 10 hours on Friday and 12 on Saturday. Today is my last day for actual preperation time. I can't wait! God is good!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A great Lord's day so far

We had a great morning in the Lord's house today with a great Sunday school lesson on David's charge to Solomon before he "slept with his fathers" (died). We are to keep God's precepts just as David told Solomon. David learned the hard way that we need never depart from the wisdom of the Lord's precepts. Pastor Wiley preached from Jonah 1:1 in the main service. We learned from God's word that there are three types of reactions when God is speaking to you: 1. refuse to listen, 2. listen but do nothing, 3. listen and do. We need to listen and do. We need to sensitive to what the Lord is trying to get through to us.
We had some very special guests in the morning service this morning: the Morrison family (church planters in the town of Rumford) and Pastor and Mrs. Cal Fuller (from "Saving New England for Eternity" ministries). It was a special blessing to have these great families in attendance.
Before church this morning, the Lord woke me up very early and I had some great special time with him. How wonderful it is to be able to have a "prayer closet". It is during these times that the Lord speaks to me the most. I am so thankful for all that he is doing in my life right now. Yesterday my wife had a great opportunity to go to a ladies conference at Victory Baptist Church in Londonderry, NH. It was a great blessing for me to see her have such a great time. I praise the Lord for all of the great churches around us right now.
I am looking forward to the upcoming week as we have a great service tonight, men's institute Tuesday night and the mid-week service Wednesday night.

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