Friday, December 2, 2011

Another Step

Well, the Jones family has made another necessary step in our transition to Bryant Pond. This morning we officially said goodbye to our bunnies Fluffy, Snowy, and Princess. It was very difficult to walk into our kitchen and see my girls sitting with the bunnies crying, but it was a necessary step. There was no way to bring them back and forth in the way we bring our dog. Dropping them off this morning, their cages and "stuff" filled the back of the pickup. We knew this day was coming and I have to admit....even I felt a little misty when the girls were crying. "What, no that must be condensation. I wouldn't cry over the bunnies." (smile)
On happier news I had a member express how much they are truly getting out of the preaching. What a blessing to hear that God is using someone like me to make a difference. This is just a testament to the fact that God can really use anybody. (and I am not saying that to be cute, I really praise God that He can use me).
I am looking forward to this Lord's Day as we look to build off the last two weeks.

This past Wednesday night we had a record attendance (highest in our month of Wednesday night services). Sure, it was only 15 people, but that number is going up. I pray that the Lord continues to add to this service weekly.

I had my business cards arrive this week. I look forward to getting the Bible tracts in with the updated information. We continue to look for ways to get the word out that Jesus is still in the "saving sinners" business. That is the only sure business out there. Praise God for His work. I am so thankful that He is on the throne.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wow! Great Lord's Day!

What a great Lord's day we had at Bryant Pond Baptist Church! It started out at 8:30 am for our Van ride. What a great group of children we have. I believe that God is going to grow that van ministry into a bus ministry, then a buses (plural) ministry. There are many children in the area, and we want them all in Sunday School. One of the children even brought her father! Praise the Lord!
We had many visitors in the morning service. We had 52 total in the service. This is by far the most we have had in any service at Bryant Pond (while we were there). It was a powerful service. God gave great liberty to preach about His power.
At 2pm it was the Ledgeview Nursing Home service. There are many precious souls in the nursing home. What an opportunity to minister. These precious seniors need the Lord Jesus Christ.
We had a sweet spirit in the evening service. I preached on tearing down the high places from 1 Kings 12-17.

Toss in a meeting with the deacons and a personal visit for encouragement and we had a full, but great day. I look forward to the time when we can be there full time.

Please continue to pray that our business and house both sell. God can and God will!

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