Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday April 1, 2010

I had a great opportunity to travel through some towns that I have never visited before. I drove up to Palmyra / Newport and went through Corinna, Dover-Foxcroft, Dexter and Guilford. What beautiful country. What a country that needs the Lord Jesus Christ. I am praying that the LORD will use us at Church Hill Baptist Church to turn out preachers to send to these areas. I am praying that very soon the LORD will use me to aid in that ministry. May the LORD continue to bless church planting in Maine. We are looking forward to another Independent, Fundamental Baptist Church being planted in Harrison, Maine. Brother Carl Morrison and family will be hosting the first services at "New Heights Baptist Church" in May. Oh how wonderful it is to see another family serve the LORD by planting a church. We need more soul winning, sin hating, KJV preaching, sold out, blood bought independent fundamental Baptist churches in Maine. You can help.
Pray for church planting efforts and men to answer the call.
Support ministries like "Wings with the Word / Next Towns Ministries" and Missionary Pastor Todd Bell, and Baptist Ministries and Pastor Ron Meldrum
Listen for the call of God on your own life. Too many people fail to answer when God calls them. I hate to quote a pagan company but when God calls you "just do it". If you surrender to the LORD, He will direct and guide you.

Rural Maine needs men of God preaching the Word of God. Is that man you?

Browns to Montana