Friday, January 20, 2012

BPBC update!

Praise the Lord things are busy here at Bryant Pond Baptist Church! We are preparing for our first youth activity tomorrow at 4pm. I pray it will be fun for the children. We are doing games, prizes, pizza and preaching.
Next Saturday the 28th is our first ladies ministry event.
We are looking forward to our first "preacher boys club" meeting in Feburary.
We now have weekly bus visitation as well as weekly door-knocking times on our schedule. Add to that nursing home and member visitation and you gots youself a full schedule! It is wonderful to be busy in the business of the Lord!

Mark your calendars as we will be hosting Dr. Ron Caudill, preaching for us April 22-25.
On July 8, we will be hosting Phillip Brown and family. The Browns are church planters to Bozeman, Montana. For more info on the Browns, look at the video at the bottom of this page.

We have had three different people visiting our church from the town of Rumford. God may be providing us with some specific direction for our "next towns" vision.

Prayer requests: please pray for the sale of our house, as well as or 7 x 16 trailer.

Remember, God is good all the time!

Browns to Montana