Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I just don't deserve it.....

What a blessed week we have had! It was finals week at Heritage Baptist Bible College. Congratulations to Erica and Sarah Granquist and Pastor Nathan Pelkey for all earning an A+ score (99 average) in Bible Doctrines, and Paula Gravelle for earning a high score of A+ (98 average) in Old Testament Survey. Both classes were a tremendous blessing. We will certainly miss the Caudills as they venture south to Oklahoma on Wednesday morning. They will be missed! Saturday morning was a great time of visitation in Augusta. Those of you that don't go door-to-door in your communities are missing a real blessing. There may be harsh words and rude comments sometimes, but it is genuinely a blessing to know you are being obedient.
Sunday services were very special. Pastor Wiley preached a great message on the Romans Road. We are so blessed to have such great preaching every week. Following the morning service the good folks at Church Hill Baptist shocked my family with a Pastor appreciation gift. I will discuss that soon. In the evening service we had Pastor Nathan Pelkey preach for us. I have not listened to the message yet (I was in awana) but all reports were really good. What a special thing it is to have such good friends in the ministry.
Now for the gifts: they were awesome! We received numerous gift cards, some cash and I was given the above pictured Bible. It is a text only note takers edition from Local Church Bible Publishers. I can honestly say I don't deserve how much God has blessed my family. I don't deserve salvation to begin with, but God saved my family and I. He not only brought me to the greatest church in the world, but called me into the ministry. Now the generosity shown to us is astounding. I just can't believe it. All I can say to my Church Hill Baptist family is: WE LOVE YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US. And to my Lord and Saviour: THANK YOU LORD! God is sooooo good!

Browns to Montana