Saturday, September 11, 2010

"I'm all set" and other lessons from witnessing.

Lesson #1: Being "all set" is not what it seems.
Have you ever used the phrase "I'm all set"? I am sure you have as I also have. Over the last few weeks I have heard that phrase dozens of times. Augusta is a very heavily Catholic area and that means most doors you knock on are "Catholic" doors. What is the #1 response that you get when you try to share the Gospel? "I'm all set." I do not know if that term is just a Maine or northeast term, but it sure seems to roll off the tongue so easy up this way. I will say that 99% of the people that tell me "I'm all set" are NOT all set. They are all "set" in their religion that is leading them to the slaughter, all the way to Hell. They are all "set" in their church attendance. They are "all set" in their church attendance. They are "all set" in their good works. Unfortunately, they are "all set" to go to Hell for eternity. (John 3:18). If you are saved you can say that you are "all set" with "religion" and am on your way to Heaven! Praise God for that "all set". Not all "all set"'s are the same.

Lesson #2: It's often the most unlikely looking people that want to hear the gospel the most.
I have learned that if you are looking for someone to witness to, don't just look for the person that looks "respectable enough" to want to hear. Often times the person that you least expect will stop and listen as you present the Gospel. The power of the Gospel is for all families. Not just the ones that are free from piercings and tattoos. You may say "How do I tell who I need to witness to?" Well, how about this....... witness to everybody and let God bring the increase.

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