Friday, December 18, 2009

Are you the man for Edgecomb, Maine?

This old church is located on route 1 in Edgecomb, Maine. It has not been a church for quite a few years now. It is for sale as prime real estate on route 1. What a shame to see this church being peddled for business purposes. There is also another church building (the former Edgecomb Baptist Church) on route 27. Edgecomb needs a man of God preaching right out of the good old King James Bible! Are you that man? Just a note, the building behind the church is a kingdom hall of Jehovah's witnesses. (A.K.A False witnesses). Edgecomb needs Baptist knuckles on every door. Are you the man that God will use to make that happen?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Are you the man?

These images break my heart. The town of Pittston, Maine has no gospel witness. Here sits another old church that is now something other than a house of God. Unfortunately we have so many old churches in Maine that are now antique shops. Let's change this!!! We need a man to preach the gospel in Pittston, Maine. Are you that man? Every town needs an independent fundamental Baptist church! Every town!

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