Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday December 13, 2011

What a blessing the last few weeks have been. Last week we spent most of our time in Bryant Pond. Services on Sunday the 4th were powerful. Attendance was good and the Holy Ghost moved throughout the service. God is moving at Bryant Pond. We had our first "door to door" visitation this past Saturday (pictured above). It was a good time getting to meet our new neighbors. We had many say "I've heard about you." I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing : ' )
Word travels fast in a small town. Bryant Pond is no different.
We have had many visitors in the services. Please pray that continues.

Prayer needs: please pray for our Christmas services on the 18th (Childrens program) and the 24th and 25th. We anticipate many visitors. A strong, clear salvation message will be preached each service. Pray for souls to be saved. Please pray for our house and business to sell. The business is under contract, but we still have had no calls about the house. It is a tough time of year to sell.

Thank you all for your prayers and may God bless!

Browns to Montana