Saturday, March 20, 2010

Churches of the past.....

Here are two more former churches that now sit empty. I wonder what kind of churches these were. What kind of preaching took place there? Did the halls of these churches echo with the preaching of some of the famous men of God from the past? The top church is the Head Tide Church in Alna. The town of Alna is very special to me. I spent a majority of my childhood in Alna. In my 38 years today was the first time that I have ever driven up to take a look. I wanted to go inside, but nobody was home. What a beautiful church.
The bottom picture is a very historic church building in Wiscasset. This former church has since become the American Legion post. It is now for sale. I pray that somehow the Word of God will again echo through those historic timbers. The town of Wiscasset was my home for my late teenage years. It was the town of Wiscasset that I went to school. In addition I spent many years attending the Bible Baptist Church there.
These two church buildings may be beautiful, historic structures, but now that there is no man of God preaching the King James Bible there..... they are nothing but empty buildings. I know that God is doing something special in Maine again! May these empty buildings again echo with the preaching of God's Word.

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