Monday, March 4, 2013

Sorry for the long delay....

OK, so it has been quite some time since I have posted anything on my blog. I promise that I will be more faithful in the future. It has been really busy lately. Our big news is that we have recently purchased a bus. This was a move that the Lord had in our heart since I first came to Bryant Pond. Our van ministry would one day become a bus ministry. God has truly blessed us and we are truly grateful to Him! Yesterday was our first Sunday in our new bus and we had a total of 21 on the bus (including workers). God allowed us to exceed our van capacity in the very first week on the bus. What a blessing! In related news, I am getting nearer to having my bus license for myself. I am training to be a substitute bus driver in my local public school district. To have the chance to influence the children during the week (as limited as my time with them would be) is wonderful. (plus, having a couple of extra dollars around is always good....after all we have one that will be going to college in just three years). Church services have been going very well. The Lord is working in hearts and we give Him the glory! We recently hosted a Valentines banquet which the children served the parents. What a wonderful night was had by everybody. The next day we celebrated "Heritage Sunday" and had 50 out in the snow in our morning service. We broke out the old time outfits and had ourselves a time! We were celebrating 185 years of heritage from the founding of the Woodstock and Gore Baptist Church, and the Woodstock and Greenwood Baptist Church (Feb 14 and 15, 1828). These two churches joined together to form the Bryant's Pond Baptist Church on April 26, 1856. What a blessing! Please pray for us as we go forward. We are having to move more chairs and a bigger table in one of the Sunday School rooms to accommodate the extra students. That is a huge blessing. We need more laborers. We need one more Sunday School teacher (a man for the adult males). Please pray with us that God would provide us more laborers for the harvest up here in the foothills of Western Maine.

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