Thursday, April 26, 2012

What a week!

What a week at Bryant Pond Baptist Church! We had our revival services April 22-25 with Dr. Ron Caudill preaching. Sunday School we were challenged on the captve mind. We are to bring our minds into captivity to the Lord. On Sunday morning Dr Caudill preached from Joshua 20 on the cities of refuge. How wonderful it is that we have a city of refuge in the Lord Jesus Christ! Sunday night we were challenged on our day to day development. Monday night we learned about why Daniel was a "man greatly beloved". Tuesday night we learned about a Godly conscience. Wednesday night we were challenged about what makes great faith. I will tell you that the Lord moved in each service and I know that hearts were touched. The Holy Spirit had free reign in these meetings. Praise God! Now we are looking forward to the Lord's day when we will have our special 4pm youth service. So far we have 2 testimonies, 13 music presentations and 4 young men preachng. I believe that we will have the old meetinghouse packed out! Don't miss it!

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