Thursday, April 9, 2009

Purpo$e Driven $ham "pastor" sells out support for California's Proposition 8

I have long been wary of Rick Warren and his whole "purpo$e driven" "mini$try". It has long been evident that his top priority is the loads of money that he is making selling books and all those sorts of things. He has now come out and apologised for supporting California's proposition 8. My guess is that $ale$ of his merchandi$e were going down because he came close to taking a stand for something. Notice I said "came close" to standing for something. I doubt he would take a stand on anything that would lose him "market share" of the prosperity gospel book market.

In a related story $addleback church is officially changing it's name to "Ichabod Laodecian church" and it's new motto is "out his mouth us God will spew, this is surely the church for you". (Ichabod = "the glory has departed, Laodecian church Revelation 3)

How many "churches" across the world have bought into the whole "40 days of purpose" nonsense. We need preachers equipping believers to live lifetimes of purpose. The purpose is to serve the Lord. Is that what Rick Warren's purpose is? We really are forced to question that. It appears that Rick Warren is concerned most about ............ Rick Warren. If he truly loved those around him he would be screaming the truth of God's word from every possible corner. He would be preaching on hell and sin and letting people know there is a heaven, there is a hell, those that trust Christ as Saviour will go to heaven when they die, those who reject Christ as their saviour will go to hell when they die. His popularity on the world stage is no different than the popularity of "America's preacher" Joel Osteen. These "men of God" and all others of their kind are doing so much damage to America. They are propagating the lukewarm Christian life. They are not telling the truth. They are telling people "you are ok just where you are. No change is needed. Where is the true Jeremiah 1:10 preaching? "See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant." What has Rick Warren ever rooted out? Maybe the last piece of KFC in the bucket? How about Joel Osteen, has he ever "destroyed" anything? Well, they have both destroyed lives. Because of each of their "preaching" many people think they are ok, only to find otherwise on the last day they are burning in hell for eternity. America needs Men of God all over the country that will open up their Authorized King James Bible and say "Thus saith the word of God" We need to have a missions mind for America to undo the damage these $h$ter$ are causing.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Riding the Bus.....

We had a wonderful Lord's Day yesterday. The Lord is so good! My entire family had the opportunity to serve on the Church Hill Baptist Church Bus yesterday. Brother Woody Hayward and his family have faithfully served for over 20 years driving that bus, visiting the families, and bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who, otherwise, may never have the opportunity to hear. It was such a blessing to see the fruit of his labor of love in one young man named Jeff. Jeff has been riding the bus since he was "still in diapers". He is now 18 years old and what a fine young man he is, despite his surroundings. The bus was pretty full, making for a spirited trip back and forth. Getting to know these young people is a real blessing. Your heart breaks as you hear some of the stories they tell. Our sincere prayer is that these kids will get saved and then bring the great gospel of Jesus Christ home and help show their parents the way.
Praise the Lord for the faithfulness of the Hayward family. What a sacrifice they have made over the years. The Lord will reward them for their work.

Browns to Montana