Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rumford, Maine needs a church!

The town of Rumford, Maine needs an independent, KJB Baptist church. Could this be the building that will one day house an IFB church that is on fire for the Lord? Pray for Rumford, Maine!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Bryant Pond Baptist Nursery

Thanks to Beth Hoover and the Sunday School Children for their work in getting the nursery ready. Got babies? We gotcha covered!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Who is Rev. Ransom Dunham?

As most of you know I am a Baptist history nut. I have recently been able to do some research about Oxford County Baptist history. One name that I have seen very regularly is Ransom Dunham. He was a Baptist preacher throughout Oxford County, Maine for over 40 years in the mid to late 1800's. Ransom Dunham served as pastor of many of the churches of the Oxford Association.
Ransom Dunham was born March 18, 1798. His father, James, was a revolutionary war hero. Ransom Dunham was ordained for the gospel ministry on October 6, 1836 by the Hamlin's Gore Baptist Church.
During the course of his ministry Rev. Dunham began the first Sunday School in the town of Woodstock in 1836. He also served as pastor of the Weld and Carthage Baptist Church as well as the Bryant Pond Baptist Church (as well as others).
When Ransom Dunham graduated to his heavenly reward on January 28, 1883 (age 84 years) he had baptized over 600 persons and seen many others saved by the grace of God.
Reverend Ransom Dunham is one of our Baptist heroes in the state of Maine. Let me now challenge you: who is one of your local Baptist heroes? Do you know of any? I think it's time to learn. Let God stir your heart.
The same God that used Ransom Dunham to do such great work desires to do great works today. Are we ready and willing?

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