Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15, 2010

I can not believe that it is only 10 days from Christmas. Wow, how the year has flown by. I look back on the last number of Christmas seasons and reflect on how good God has been to the Jones family. Last year at this time I was co manager of the busiest Walmart store in the northeast USA. I was totally ready for Christmas to be over. I tried very hard to ensure that I was mentally and spiritually "there" for my family when I needed to be, but that was a rare moment in the Christmas season at Walmart. This year we are celebrating. I am actually home much more than I have been in many years. We may not have as many gifts under the tree as years past, but even the kids have said that they are just happy to have me home more. I know that seems like a very carnal reason to shout about, but God intends fathers to be a vital part of the family life. I praise God that He has allowed me to get to know my family again!
I have had opportunity to preach for the last three weeks at the Barter's Island Baptist Church. What a blessing that has been for me as God has allowed me to preach a couple of sermon series. Usually when I am preaching it is for a "one time deal" to fill in. I praise the LORD for all opportunities to open up my King James Bible and preach, but it has been very exciting to preach through books and topics. Please pray for the Jones family as we minister to the folks at Barter's Island Baptist Church and Church Hill Baptist Church. The next few weeks will be important weeks for the Jones family as we seek the Lord's will.
Can I just ask you one question: what are you planning to do for your pastor this Christmas season? Just think of what an encouragement just a card with an encouraging note would be.

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