Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back.....

What a year 2010 was for my family and I! One year ago I had just finished my toughest Christmas at Walmart yet. I knew that God had called me to the ministry, but it seemed that it would not happen any time soon. It seemed that there was no light at the "end of the tunnel". Well.... God has truly moved in our lives! He opened a door that I did not think existed. It was a tough transition to Associate Pastor / breadman, but very worth it. Here are just a few ministry highlights:

Seeing many souls saved at Church Hill Baptist and other locations. One soul saved is something great to shout about, but seeing dozens saved (and having opportunity to lead some myself) is worthy of having a "Bapticostal Fit"! Glory to God!

The chance to preach multiple times at Church Hill Baptist, Bible Baptist in Unity, Tri-Town Baptist in East Millinocket, and Barter's Island Baptist Church in Trevett.

Participating in the filming of a Baptist History documetary "Drops of Morning Dew" produced by Pastor Ryan McGuire from Bluestone Baptist Church in Clarksville, Virginia.

Found out that I have two Baptist preachers in my lineage. The church that I attended in my youth was once pastored by George Jenkins, my great-great-great grandfather. The Rev. Nathaniel Jenkins was also a famous Baptist from the late 1600s to mid 1700s in New Jersey.

Witnessing the chartering service of Bible Baptist Church in Unity, Maine! What a blessed event!

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Church Hill Baptist!

Paricipating in the first classes ever offered at Heritage Baptist Bible College!

Getting the chance to work with my best friend and mentor, Pastor James Wiley.

Getting to know some of the great men of God from around the corner and around the country.

Seeing God's hand provide in ways that we would never expect. My church family at Church Hill Baptist deserve a special shout out for the generosity. Wow! From the "pounding" to the Bible and gift cards to the money gift.... Thank you soooo much.

Hearing great preaching from Pastor James Wiley, Pastor Todd Bell, Pastor Ron Caudill, Pastor Cal Fuller, Pastor Scott Caudle, Pastor Jeff Faggart, Pastor Ryan McGuire, Pastor Carl Barnard, Pastor Nathan Pelkey, Pastor Josh Lovelace, Brother Michael Britt, Brother Gary Partridge...... If I missed someone, please let me know!

What a blessing it is serve the Lord of Lords and King of Kings! 2010 was a great year.... I can't wait to see what 2011 holds!

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