Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's official!

It is official, the Lord is using Church Hill Baptist Church to train up preachers to go out into the state and beyond! Beginning in August CHB will offer two courses: Bible Doctrine 1 and Old Testament Survey. There will be much more information coming very soon. How exciting that there will be a good Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing Baptist institution to send our young men (and career men as well) to prepare for the ministry! We know that Maine needs preachers of the gospel. On this very blog there have been many pictures of former churches that now sit empty. Ohhhh, that God would use Church Hill Baptist to help fill all of these pulpits once again! Our God is a great big God and He is working in Maine right now! Amen! Makes me feel like preachin'!
I will update soon from my laptop but great news from Oklahoma regarding the start of the Church Hill Baptist college. Official courses beginning in August!

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