Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a great God we serve!

The Lord is so good to us, amen! What a busy week and a half it has been. Church Hill Baptist Church had the opportunity to assist another church of like faith and what a blessing it was and is. Truth Baptist Church is an independent fundamental Baptist church in the town of Jefferson. This church had been two weeks with no services after the resignation of the pastor. The attendance at the church had dwindled from highs of over 100 to seven faithful church members. One of the deacons of the church approached Pastor Wiley asking what to do. It was at that time that the Lord used Church Hill Baptist in a very special way. The first thing the Pastor did is organize a group of volunteers to help get the church ready for a service this past Sunday night. The Pastor then committed to ensure there would be a preacher there on Sunday night and Wednesday night. The direction from there would be up to Truth Baptist (who will follow the direction of the Lord). The Sunday night service was absolutely amazing. Truth Baptist Church was so packed they had to line up folding chairs in the back to seat everybody. The Spirit of God moved in a very special way during that service. Brother Josh Lovelace preached there on Wednesday night and we are awaiting direction for next Sunday morning / evening. This all happened in the midst of the revival services of Bible Baptist Church in Unity (a recent church plant of ours). Pastor Pelkey preached the Word of God in Unity on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the attendance was as high as 95 on Sunday morning. Praise the Lord. Pastor Wiley preached Sunday school and the Sunday morning services at Church Hill Baptist, travelled to Unity to preach on Sunday afternoon and then travelled to Jefferson to preach at Truth Baptist Church. God is using him and his congregation in a very special way. Many churches would have put Truth Baptist Church on their prayer list, which is great, but would not have rolled up their sleeves to help them keep the light going. I praise the Lord for Truth Baptist Church.
I personally just finished our annual inventory at the store. This had me working 116 hours in a one week period. I praise the Lord for my wife's helping hands throughout the week and I also praise the Lord for Pastor Wiley who, despite the busy week, made time to call me periodically to make sure I was ok. Oh how the Lord blessed me in my time of need. He is so good to me.

Please keep both Truth Baptist Church in Jefferson and Bible Baptist Church in Unity in your prayers.

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